Wings Alliance introduced its new Whitetail Cadet Programme

November 29, 2018 | 1 comment Cadet programmes
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The non-profit organization Wings Alliance which connects flight schools has introduced its new training course called Whitetail Cadet Programme. Graduates of it will be completely prepared to start their career in a partner-airline for lower costs but not at the expense of quality. Applicants for this programme aren’t supposed to have any experience in flying.

The journey takes 16 months. During this time future pilots will learn how to work with a partner according to the real airline style. Total costs fluctuate around 60% of usual training plans so the training is very effective route of high quality to the pilot career. The course costs 59,000 GBP.

The Whitetail Cadet Programme stands on following principles:

  • Exposure to a wide-range of European airspace.
  • Eligible to apply for a Training Bond to help spread the cost of training.
  • More than 30% more actual flying time than an integrated cadet programme.
  • Honesty, quality, value.

The CEO of the Wings Alliance, Rod Wren, describes the program: “This is just what the industry needs, through our Programmes we can offer a real high value alternative for aspiring commercial pilots who are seeking a direct route to airline employment. On traditional flight training courses, student pilots will spend much of their time flying on their own ‘visually’: without reference to the flight instruments. However, airline pilots always operate as part of a team and under ‘Instrument Flight Rules’ (IFR).

 Our programme is unique in introducing multi-pilot IFR airline style flying as part of basic training, making it more relevant to our cadets’ future as airline pilots. Our Whitetail Cadet Programme costs substantially less than traditional integrated courses. Our Members do not have big company overheads and the Alliance itself is run as a not-for-profit organisation. Training with the Wings Alliance will give pilots over 30% more actual flying time at approximately 50% of the cost.”

Wings Alliance Graduate, Peter Wood, First Officer with Flybe adds: “This new Whitetail Cadet Programme the Wings Alliance has launched is the best: It has the cost advantage of the modular route, the oversight and quality of a top integrated course and the core airline focus of an MPL, taking the best elements of each training path and bringing it altogether under one unique offering.”

Wannabe pilots who cannot go through the full-time type of training can choose the Wings Alliance Flexible Programme. Those, who completed their flight training or are in its advanced stage, can take a chance to enter the industry’s leading Wings Alliance APS-MCC course with ensuing help to find a job. It teaches to cooperate as multi-crew pilots during 4 weeks and acquire skills with modern airline simulator. Individuals can also use the Wings Alliance mentoring and support service for free.

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  • My name is William Barron I am 18 years old and I have just left 6 form with 3 A levels in Biology, Chemistry and Geography. I would like to train to be a pilot and |I am looking at ways that I can do this, that is hopefully going to secure me a job at the end of the process.; I have a UK drivers licence and would like some guidance in the best most cost effective method to achieve my ambition.

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