Aviatrix Project Scholarships 2023
March 25, 2023 ATPL theory

Aviatrix Project to offer flying and ground school opportunities for aspiring pilots in 2023

The Aviatrix Project offers exciting flying and ground school opportunities for 2023 applicants, covering PPL to commercial-level experiences. Applications are now open for the following opportunities: FlightPad is offering 20 Boeing...

Aer Lingus female pilots survey
April 7, 2022 Sponsorship schemes

$5,000 scholarship towards an advanced flight training program for female pilot in Europe

ISA+21 awards one US$5,000 scholarship every two years to a female pilot from the host conference region to be used towards an advanced flight training program. The Annual ISA+21 Conference will be held on September 20-24th, 2022 in D...

New training programme from Wizz Air helps cabin crew to become pilots
July 21, 2020 Airlines

New training programme from Wizz Air helps cabin crew to become pilots

A new training programme from Wizz Air, the budget European airline based in Hungary, is helping cabin crew fulfil their dreams of becoming pilots. The Cabin Crew to Captain programme offers travel, accommodation and financial support...

The British Women Pilots Association (BWPA) opens 2020 scholarships for female pilots
March 12, 2020 Female pilots

The British Women Pilots’ Association (BWPA) opens 2020 scholarships for female pilots

One of the key aims of BWPA is to promote a female position in the aviation sector. Only 5 - 6% of commercial pilots in the UK are women. According to research, much of this is due to lack of information and opportunities. So part of ...

Virgin Atlantic female pilot Barbie
September 19, 2019 Airlines

Virgin Atlantic Barbie dolls set to inspire a new generation of female pilots

The launch of three new Barbie dolls is poised to inspire a whole new generation of girls and young women to follow a career in aviation. In a partnership between Virgin Atlantic and Barbie UK, Pilot Barbie, Cabin Crew Barbie and Engi...

Aer Lingus female pilots survey
July 21, 2019 Female pilots

Females believe a pilot career is not for them, shows research for Aer Lingus

According to the results of the research realized by Red C that examined pilot recruitment and women motivation to apply for flight crew position, the key problem is in spreading information and encouraging of women. The study was accomp...

April 4, 2019 Airlines

easyJet continues to hire female pilots, targets for 18% women among pilots in 2019

The amount of female pilots in the crew of easyJet grows. Currently, there are 222 ladies that means the company has recruited 94 new female pilots since 2015. That time, easyJet started their activities to set a gender balance among pil...

Aer Lingus cooperates with Irish Girl Guides
February 22, 2019 Career opportunities

Aer Lingus supports aspiring female pilots in cooperation with Irish Girl Guides

To attract interest among young girls, Aer Lingus started cooperating with the Irish Girl Guides. The airline company believes girls will aspire to become qualified members of the aviation industry and to study science, technology, engin...

British Airways female pilot
February 18, 2019 Regulations

Baby on board: BALPA calls for better maternity pay

Female pilots deserve to be supported by airlines, give them better maternity pay! This is the standpoint of BALPA, The British Airline Pilots Association. According to the association, most of airlines do not pay enough to female pilots...

Austrian Airlines female pilot
October 31, 2018 Cadet programmes

Austrian Airlines introduced new 2019 cadet programme: Aims to female pilots!

Join the air crew of Austrian Airlines as a pilot and become one of 100 new hired cockpit members that the airline is looking for. In addition, Austrian would like to continue in the increasing tendency of the number of female pilots. So...