ATPL Podcast question bank
August 9, 2020 ATPL theory

The ATPL Podcast question bank explained

We’ve received many questions about the origin of our ATPL Podcast app question bank. Here is an explanation of where it comes from. We have always been 100% honest with our community, so no secrets. Step-by-step what we have done: ...

Survey The number of re-takes in ATPL exams matters
July 3, 2020 Airlines

Survey: The number of re-takes in ATPL exams matters

There have always been different opinions on how important ATPL exams results are for getting a job as a commercial pilot. So, we’ve done a survey to find out! The survey took place from 21st May 2020 till 10th June 2020. The target g...

April 22, 2020 Airlines

Covid-19 Aviation Crisis: What changes will there be in pilot training and the job market after the crisis?

In the last Covid-19 update we had a look at aviation crises from recent history to find out how long it took to recover. In today’s article we take a look into the future to guess what will change in our market after Covid-19 is over...

Bristol Ground School ATPL scholarship
April 30, 2019 Sponsorship schemes

Bristol Groundschool and The Air League offer ATPL scholarship for two student pilots

Bristol Groundschool and The Air League announced their new partnership based on the theoretical scholarship designed to people who dream about a career as a commercial pilot. Both of offered scholarships for 2 winners cover 50% of neede...