Ryanair to use groundbreaking technology to enhance pilot training

June 2, 2019 | No Comments Airlines
Ryanair signs contract with CEFA AMS

Ryanair signed the 6-year agreement with CEFA Aviation, experts in flight data animation. Partnership is about to provide world first cloud-based mobile service for Ryanair pilot training programmes. Thanks to that, pilots will be able to replay flights on their tablets after they land (e.g. training flights).

Ryanair will work with this groundbreaking technology for pilot training as the very first European airline. The world first airline which uses CEFA AMS is ANA, Japan’s largest airline. ANA has collected data since February 2017.

According to Ray Conway, Ryanair’s Chief Pilot, this is an innovative step that sets new standards how crews can receive a constructive feedback and the company can control the pilot performance to keep the highest standard of safety and efficiency in the aviation industry. The partnership is highly welcomed from the side of CEFA Aviation as well. Dominique Mineo, the company CEO and founder, claims they will appreciate the feedback based on Ryanair’s experience.

CEFA AMS flight animation

Image: Example of animation output on iPad (Source: CEFA AMS)

The system is based on 3D animation which copies flights and their details in collab with aircraft data and flight recorders. Later crew can see the real picture of their flights on flight simulators. Solution will be probably used at subsidiaries as well, these are Ryanair Sun (Buzz Airlines) and Lauda Motion. Ryanair has excellent 34-year safety record and this is the next step to keep the highest safety standard.

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