Ryanair Mentored Pilot Programme in partnership with Aviomar Flight Academy open for applications

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Ryanair Pilot Mentored Programme in co-operation with Aviomar Flight Academy

Aviomar, a flight school based in Rome Urbe Airport – Italy, is offering a training programme for pilots in partnership with airline Ryanair.

The Ryanair Mentored Pilot Programme opens up a route to employment with the airline. The training adheres to Ryanair’s standards, and the quality and performance of students are regularly monitored to ensure consistency.

Prospective students are required to pass screening by Aviomar’s registration office.

Find out more about the Ab-Initio (Beginners’) Training Programme

This programme is an integrated ATPL (Airline Transport Pilot’s Licence) course of study. It is based on Ryanair’s own operational norms and offers targeted modules which focus on Ryanair’s standard operating procedures, crew resource management standards and company ethos.

The ab-initio courses comprise 750 hours’ worth of theory teaching, as well as 220 hours of hands-on training. It includes the Airline Pilot Standard Multi-Crew Co-operation Course (APS MCC), which is offered using Aviomar’s Boeing 737-800 simulator.

Most students complete this course within a period of 18 months. Once they have passed the final assessment provided by Ryanair, they will be invited to attend the airline’s sponsored Boeing 737-800 Type Rating Course (with bonded employment).

When does the next Ab-Initio course take place?

For students with no experience (ab-initio) there are two start dates at the moment. The next start date is 16 December 2019, with applications received by 25 November 2019. Another start date of 20 April 2020 is offered, with applications received by 30 March 2020.

What if I am a more experienced student?

More experienced students can access the course through a number of gateways.

Gateway 1 – Modular (CPL/IR/MEP/APS-MCC)

This is for students following a modular course who have completed the following:

  • EASA PPL (A), comprising 170 hours in total with 100 of these hours must have been as a pilot in command
  • An 85% average minimum pass mark for the EASA ATPL (A) theory exams
  • EASA Class One Medical Certificate
  • Night Rating

These pre-qualifications will mean that trainees can progress to the Ryanair Mentored Training Programme, which is made up of the following modules:

  • Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT)
  • Multi Engine Class Rating (MEP)
  • Instrument Rating (IR)
  • Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL)
  • Ryanair Airline Pilot Standard Multi Crew Co-operation (APS MCC)

Gateway 2 – Airline Pilot Standards Multi Crew Co-operation

This course is for trainees pursuing a modular programme, and who have the following qualifications:

  • EASA ATPL (A) theory exams completed
  • EASA Class One Medical Certificate

Students will follow a Ryanair Mentored Training Programme which will include the Airline Pilot Standard Multi Crew Co-operation (A) course. You can contact Aviomar ([email protected]) to find out the next start date for this course.

Gateway 3 – Flight Instructor Career

This course for people seeking a career in pilot training is open to those who can satisfy the following criteria:

  • A proven interest in training
  • EASA CPL/IR/MEP (A) + valid SEP rating
  • An 85% average minimum pass mark for the EASA ATPL (A) theory exams
  • EASA Class One Medical Certificate

Students will follow a Ryanair Mentored Training Programme made up of the Airline Pilot Standard Multi Crew Co-operation (A) course, the Teaching and Learning Instructor Core Course + Flight Instructor Course – FI (A).

Once students have successfully completed the programme and are qualified as instructors, they will be given the opportunity to start their career with Aviomar and Ryanair. If they pass the necessary assessment, they will be offered a full-time role as an instructor with Aviomar for a duration of two years, then will join Ryanair on a 737 type rating. They can then pursue their career as an instructor with Ryanair, which can lead to qualification as a Ryanair SFI and Training Captain.

Please note that the courses are provided by Aviomar, and following a course does not necessarily mean that a student will pass the final Ryanair assessment. Nor will students be considered to be Ryanair Group employees.

Book your pre-course assessment

You can book your pre-course assessment for the Ryanair Mentored Pilot Programme Application at Aviomar website.

There will be a fee of €250, which is returnable when you pass the entry assessment and confirm that you wish to follow the course.

Video: Ryanair Mentored Pilot Programme in co-operation with Aviomar Flight Academy

The same Ryanair Mentored Pilot Programmes have been offered recently with Bartolini Air (Poland, Lodz), Atlantic Flight Training Academy (Ireland, Cork), VA Airline Training (UK, Cambridge) and Sky4You (Germany, Berlin). You can find out more about Ryanair’s training partners at the company’s website.

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