Ryanair established Malta Air and creates new positions for pilots in Malta

June 22, 2019 | No Comments Airlines
Ryanair established Malta Air

Ryanair made a deal with the government of Malta and will establish the new Maltese airline called Malta Air. In response to this act, the company will expand its Maltese fleet by 6 Boeing B737-800 aircraft. Ryanair can take an advantage of the location and enter the non-EU airline markets in northern Africa or extend its customer base.

Note: Do not confuse with established airline Air Malta, flag carrier of Malta.

As soon as the acquisition will be done, Ryanair plans to move 6 aircraft placed in Malta to the Maltese register and Maltese crew of 200 people will become subject of local contracts including low Maltese taxes.

Ryanair aims to enlarge its Malta based fleet to 10 aircraft in 3 years and design more than 350 workplaces, including positions for pilots. The next summer, Malta Air fleet will get a new custom livery. In addition, the Irish airline will switch their planes based in France, Italy and Germany onto the Malta AOC. Thanks to that, crews of these aircraft will be enabled to pay income taxes in France, Italy or Germany instead of Ireland because of Ryanair’s Irish AOC.

Michael O’Leary, Ryanair CEO, claims that the airline cooperates with the Malta Tourism Authority to follow the local Prime Minister Muscat and Minister Mizzi. They want to increase connections to European destinations and tourism so as business and employment in Malta. O’Leary welcomes that Malta Air operates Boeing 737 aircraft and believes the airline will move to the Maltese register more than 50 aircraft in upcoming years.

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