Popular Jet2 pilot apprentice scheme is now open for applications (2019)

March 18, 2019 | 6 comments Career opportunities, Sponsorship schemes
Jet2 pilot apprentice

For those, who would like to have a comprehensive overview in the aviation and dream about a commercial pilot career, there is another opportunity how to meet their goals. The company Jet2.com is opening a Pilot Apprentices programme which enables its participants to work and understand all business areas of Jet2.com, establish relationships across Flight Operations and the whole sphere so as to develop abilities in aviation.

Note: Follow our updated article about Jet2 Apprentice Scheme from July 2019.

Through the participation at Jet2.com, Pilot Apprentices are educated using the Apprentices Mentoring system. So all apprentices develop their skills which help them to get their Type Rating and more.

The Pilot Apprentice programme starts at Leeds Bradford International Airport and the Commercial Office of Jet2.com in Leeds, where participants will take care of full range of Jet2.com and Jet2holidays business spheres including departments of Operations, Finance, Contact Centre, HR and Engineering Teams.

Later they will move to Operational Teams where they will be suppose to undertake duties as Cabin Crew, Flight Operations and work in the Crew Room. Apprentices will get regular jump seat opportunities, complete the JOC Course and 11 hours SEP flying as well. When they finish the programme, they’ll receive a full bonded B737 Type Rating and start their career of a commercial pilot as a Second Officer. The programme takes 1 year.

Video: Jet2.com Apprentice Scheme Open Day 2018 (in cooperation with VA Airline Training)

Are you interested? These are the requirements:

  • UK issued Frozen ATPL Pilot‘s Licence
  • Class 1 Medical
  • Valid UK driving licence
  • Completed APS MCC Course or MMC and JOC course
  • Strong ATPL Theory exam results (editor note: suppose 1st time pass)
  • Follow requirements for regular training/flying
  • Perfect English both verbal and written
  • Experience of office IT systems

Besides that, you should be flexible because there is a chance you will have to work from other bases – 9 UK, 2 Spanish ones.            

Basic salary is expected to be around £20000 annually during the apprentice scheme (assumption based on previous years). Opening of the scheme points out the increasing demand for new pilots in the industry. You can apply for the scheme on the Jet2 Careers website.

6 thoughts on “Popular Jet2 pilot apprentice scheme is now open for applications (2019)

  • Hi I was wondering if anywhere offers work experience for students in year 10 at school as my son is very keen on being a pilot and has had flying lessons so we would like to find some experience relevant to this if possible

    • Hi Chelsey, unfortunately, I don’t know about any apprentice scheme for children :-/ I advise you to visit a local aero-club or flight school to ask about any kind of “internship” opportunities they may have. Kind Regards, iCadet

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