BALPA advises potential pilots to delay pilot training and use modular route
November 20, 2020 Pilot demand

BALPA advises potential pilots to delay pilot training and use modular route

Pilots’ union BALPA has advised anyone considering starting a pilot training course to delay, saying that students may pay around £100,000 for training with no guarantee of a job once they have qualified. BALPA’s Head of Membership an...

April 22, 2020 Airlines

Covid-19 Aviation Crisis: What changes will there be in pilot training and the job market after the crisis?

In the last Covid-19 update we had a look at aviation crises from recent history to find out how long it took to recover. In today’s article we take a look into the future to guess what will change in our market after Covid-19 is over...

COVID-19 Aviation Crisis: How long it will take until airlines start to hire pilots again
March 30, 2020 Pilot demand

COVID-19 Aviation Crisis: How long it will take until airlines start to hire pilots again

The crisis is still not over and in some countries it hasn’t reached its peak yet. So, it’s difficult to make any predictions and say how long it will take until the airlines start hiring pilots again. But what we can do is look into...

Business jet pilots needed in the United Kingdom
November 26, 2019 Pilot demand

2,500 business jet pilots needed in the UK, commercial operators struggle in competition with airlines

Colibri Aircraft, an aircraft brokerage company based in London, has warned that competition with the commercial sector as an employer means that the world of private aviation is facing a shortage of pilots. They estimate that 2,500 n...

Aer Lingus female pilots survey
July 21, 2019 Female pilots

Females believe a pilot career is not for them, shows research for Aer Lingus

According to the results of the research realized by Red C that examined pilot recruitment and women motivation to apply for flight crew position, the key problem is in spreading information and encouraging of women. The study was accomp...

BAA Training flight simulator in Rome
June 11, 2019 Flight schools

BAA Training is increasing training capacity and plans to open simulator centre in Rome

BAA Training has announced recently they plan to invest into the expansion of their full flight simulator fleet. The investment could count about 60 million Euros. This intention reacts to the global increase of air traffic. Predictions ...

Iberia hiring long haul pilots
May 25, 2019 Airlines

Iberia is hiring First Officers for its long-haul fleet, no minimum hours required

For the first time in the history, Iberia is hiring pilots directly for its long-haul fleet. What's more, there is no minimum hours requirement. So this is unique opportunity for First Officers to fly Airbus A330, A340 or A350 aircraft s...

Ryanair pilot hiring
May 24, 2019 Airlines

Ryanair decided to close applications for direct entry captains

Ryanair decided to close all applications for direct entry Captains last week. According to unofficial statement of the company, Ryanair may commence further hiring in June 2020, so in one year. However, this is valid for type-rated Capt...

Pilot Career Show
April 18, 2019 Career opportunities

Meet flight schools, recruitment companies and airlines at Pilot Career Show in Frankfurt

This prominent event is designed for aspiring pilots, cadets and pilots to offer job opportunities and career possibilities in aviation industry. There are 5 locations and dates to choose from: 2.5. 2019 - Frankfurt, Germany18.6....

Airbus flight school
March 5, 2019 Flight schools

Airbus is going to open its own flight school to train 200 cadets per year

To satisfy the huge demand of cadet pilots in Europe, Airbus is going to run its own flight school and widen the training services portfolio. The Airbus Flight Academy Europe, so as known as Cassidian Aviation Training Services (CATS)...

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