Mentour Pilot and Andy O’Shea started Airline Pilot Club to help aspiring pilots with flight training funding

December 2, 2019 | 1 comments Flight schools, Training finance

A new club is set to offer aspiring pilots guidance and support as they work towards their goal of becoming an airline pilot.

The Airline Pilot Club has been set up by partners Andy O’Shea, who has recently taken retirement following 18 years as Head of Training at Ryanair, and Petter Hornfeldt, the brains behind Mentour Pilot, a hub of information about aviation spread across social media channels and the internet.

The aim of the club is to help navigate future pilots through the many challenges of ab-initio airline pilot training and steer them into successful careers. It is planned to open to members by the end of March 2020.

The pair recognised that the world of pilot training presents conflicting information and advice, and a number of daunting decisions to make. Their objective is to help future pilot make choices about their career based on clear information, to help secure money for their pilot training and to give practical tips. In this way, they hope to guide them towards achieving their ambitions of winning their first job as an airline pilot, the initial step to a successful career.

With a total of 60 years between them in the pilot training sector, O’Shea and Hornfeldt have identified four key questions that all hopeful pilots face.

The questions are as follows:

  1. Are you really suited to be a professional airline pilot?
  2. How will you fund your training?
  3. How will you choose the best flying school?
  4. After qualification, how can you get an airline job?

As its mission, The Airline Pilot Club will help future pilots to answer these questions, with the aim of going on to secure funding and select the best flying school, and ultimately landing a position as an airline pilot.

The Airline Pilot Club offers the following steps as part of their programme:

Step One: Assessment and selection

This is the initial and all-important step in the programme. The club will provide an assessment process for the aspiring pilot to work through to understand whether they are truly suited for a career in aviation, or alternatively whether they should invest in a different career altogether.

The assessment programme will also offer feedback to allow students to improve on certain areas and reach the required standard.

Once this stage in the process is complete and the aspiring pilot has been accepted by a flying school endorsed by the club, they will be helped to secure funding from a leading representative from the world of finance.

Step Two: The training

As part of its work, The Airline Pilot Club assesses flight schools on whether they are financially sound and managed according to high benchmarks. To be selected, flying schools will also need to demonstrate that their instructors are experts in their field, that they have excellent resources to hand and that they believe in teaching the airline pilots of tomorrow to the best possible standards.

Step Three: The job

As part of its scheme, The Airline Pilot Club is teaming up with airlines looking for well-instructed and competent pilots. By arrangement with the selected airlines, potential pilots who have fulfilled the first two steps in the programme will be guaranteed an assessment and interview.

The Airline Pilot Club says that its system is set up so that hopeful pilots will have an excellent chance of passing the assessment and interview stage.

Video: Mentour Pilot in the latest update about his funding project

Among similar companies helping pilots to get a right seat in an airliner belongs Wings Alliance, based in Bristol, United Kingdom.

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