IT Carlow offer graduation with both bachelor degree and pilot licence

March 25, 2019 | No Comments Career opportunities, Flight schools
FTEJerez cadet pilots

On Monday the 22nd April 2019, an Assessment Day by FTEJerez and Irish IT Carlow, the FTEJErez 3rd-level education partner, will take place at the FTEJerez Campus. The Assessment Day is suitable for wannabe pilots who plan to start their bachelor studies at IT Carlow.

B.Sc. in Pilot Studies at Institute of Technology Carlow

The B.Sc. in Pilot Studies at IT Carlow delivers aviation-specific knowledge admired by airlines. The course offers the opportunity to gain a degree and ATPL licence to pilot cadets. The programme meets all requirements of the Bologna Framework (ECTS credits) so it is a good choice for young people who completed their high school studies or aren’t familiar with an English-speaking academic environment. The graduates will be fully skilled to start their job as an airline pilot and have the bachelor degree as a backup for later career.

About the assessment day

The examination process will copy the layout of a standard FTEJerez AFOP assessment. Tests will judge the suitability of candidates for the degree programme. The assessment day includes a seminar with details about the B.Sc. in Pilot Studies. Successful candidates will be allowed to sign up for the course.

The scheduled event timetable:

  • 09:00   Meet & Greet at Main Reception.
  • 09:30   Presentation
  • 10:30   Pilot Assessment: Written tests
    • Verbal Reasoning (25 minutes)
    • Numerical Reasoning (25 minutes)
    • Maths & Physics (30 minutes)
    • Numeracy (20 minutes)
  • 12:30   Lunch
  • 13:30   Group Exercise
  • 14:30   PILAPT and Interviews
  • 17:30   Closing remarks
  • 18:00   End of the event

More information about the programme at FTEJerez website. Should you wish to apply for this assessment event, contact FTEJerez directly at [email protected].

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