E-book: How to become an airline pilot?

In this comprehensive guide on training for airline pilots we look at the routes that can be taken to fulfil your dream, the medical and fitness requirements, the cost of training and ways in which pilot training can be combined with university study. You will get 20 pages of useful information + bonus.

Content of this e-book:

  • General requirements for commencing training (age, medical and education requirements)
  • Is a career as a pilot suitable for women?
  • Covid-19: Is it a good idea to start pilot training?
  • Where to start your pilot training?
  • Modular, integrated, or MPL training, what are the cons and pros?
  • What else is required – MCC, JOC, type rating
  • Studying the subject of “professional pilot” at university or college
  • The cost of airline pilot training
  • Bonus: How to choose a flight school?
How to become an airline pilot


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