FTEJerez offers fully sponsored flight instructor scholarship

FTEJerez flight instructor scholarship

FTEJerez, one of Europe’s leading Flight Training Schools, launched its new programme for future Qualified Flight Instructors. This programme is supposed to make a selection, deliver education and skills, hire and prepare the new generation of flight instructors of a high quality. For candidates, it can be a way how to begin and quicken their career in commercial aviation.

Requirements and the selection process

Aspirants can start sending their applications for the FICD Programme from the 11th June 2019 (however the application seems to be already open). Convenient candidates will receive an invitation for an interview. Successful applicants are supposed to be citizens of EU with a valid work permit, holders of a current and valid EASA CPL, Medical Class 1 and speak English on the ICAO level 5.

What FTEJerez offers

As a participant of the programme, you will get flight instructor rating fully financed by the school. You can finish the course at FTEJerez or at any of training partners in the UK from June to August. FTEJerez will sponsor your accommodation and training costs as well. The employment takes place in Jerez, Southern Spain.

Successful trainees will be proposed to sign a 3 years long permanent full-time employment contract as a Flight Instructor at FTEJerez including a relocation package, personalised welfare and induction service, attractive salary and the same benefits as other FTEJerez employee at the entry level as a single engine Flight Instructor.

At the time of cooperation, FTEJerez will participate in your professional growth containing sponsorship to gain IRI and ME IR for chosen individuals.

Programme benefits

The FI Career Development Programme offers a huge chance for those who hold CPL to develop their career and reach experience at one of the Europe’s leading ATOs without financial limitations.

The FTEJerez trainers who will lead the training are highly experienced pilots with many years in the ab initio training arena, so they are able to deliver wide knowledge of the field. As soon as the chosen candidates finish their duty at FTEJerez, they can complete their professional development (e.g. APS MCC) and find a job in partner airlines.

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