FTEJerez launches Silver Lining course for pilots who have had their training curtailed due to the COVID-19 crisis

June 14, 2020 | No Comments Flight schools
FTEJerez launches Silver Lining course

Some flight training organisations has terminated training due to financial or operational difficulties caused by the COVID-19 crisis. Flight training organisation FTEJerez has launched a programme for integrated ATPL students who have had their training curtailed.

The Silver Lining ATPL allows students to transfer to FTEJerez and continue their training to reach graduation.

The training course works as follows:

  • The course is not modular but allows students to sign up and complete their training as an integrated cadet
  • Single accommodation and full board are provided on the FTE campus in Jerez, Spain
  • Students enrol on the current FTEJerez AFOP courses and receive the same tuition as existing students
  • The fees quoted are inclusive with no hidden costs
  • FTEJerez also provides a career advisory service and helps students to find employment on graduation
  • Training courses are tailor-made to individual students depending on their flying experience

Entry requirements

  • Applicants must be either an EU or UK national
  • They must be in receipt of a valid EASA Class 1 medical
  • They should have obtained English language at ICAO Level 4 or above (note that FTEJerez offers a free English language assessment)

FTEJerez may interview candidates online to aid the application process.


The standard fee is 89,000 euros which includes:

  • Single accommodation at the FTEJerez campus in Spain
  • Three meals a day
  • Course material, uniform, navigation, landing and licence fees
  • 120 hours’ worth of single engine flying
  • 30 hours multi-engine flying
  • 40 hours’ worth of DA42 FNPT2
  • One week of multi-crew ground school and 36 hours’ worth of APS MCC training

Fees can be paid in seven monthly instalments of 12,714 euros.

The course fee is based on students transferring having passed the complete set of 14 EASA subjects and having no flight training.

If a student has logged flight hours, discounts may be applied.

How to apply?

To apply for the Silver Lining ATPL course, you can download the form here. You will also be able to access more information about the fees and course syllabus from this link.

Once the form is complete, you will need to send it to [email protected]. FTEJerez will then be able to supply you with an accurate quote taking into account your flying experience.

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