Flying Time Aviation (FTA Global) enhanced its MCC training with JOC and Airline Readiness Course

February 10, 2019 | No Comments Flight schools
B738 flight simulator

In the end of January 2019, the FTA flight academy based in Brighton announced they are going to upgrade their MCC (Multi-Crew Cooperation) course. Newly, students will go through Jet Orientation (JOC) and optional Airline Readiness Training. Thanks to that, the graduates will take a huge advantage over their competitors in airlines hiring process.

Students start their MCC/JOC and Airline Readiness training after the commercial pilot training to improve their skills, knowledge and orientation in terminology. The academy expects their graduates will be perfectly prepared to become excellent First Officers. The training will be integrated into FTA’s Flight Deck Programmes. If needed, MCC/JOC can be upgraded to enhanced APS (Airline Pilot Standards) – an airline operations scenario training on advanced swept-wing jet airplane simulator with final assessment.

The training will be covered by Jet MASTERCLASS, a well-known and respected partner of the FTA academy which is closely connected with representatives of airlines. Jet MASTERCLASS delivers MCC/JOC and APS MCC courses of a high quality which aim attention at manual raw data flying, pilot competencies and behaviours. The students will be trained by skilled Boeing instructors with airline experience on a high-fidelity fixed-base B737-800W simulator, at the Jet MASTERCLASS training facility near London Gatwick Airport. The students of MCC/JOC training will gain 10 training days, 20 hours of training on B737-800W fixed-base FTD and 33 hours of theory.

MCC focuses on communication, completing tasks, supervision and teamwork in different situations that can happen on the board of a transport aircraft. JOC aims on jet planes. The APS MCC training inludes 15 training days, final check, 38 hours of practical training on a B737-800W fixed-base FTD, 2 hours of practical training on a B737-800W full-motion FFS and 43 hours of theoretical training.

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