easyJet relaunches training programme to recruit over 1,000 new pilots

February 7, 2022 | No Comments Cadet programmes, Pilot demand
easyJet wants to hire 1000 pilots

Airline easyJet has relaunched a training programme for pilots following a two-year pause during the Covid-19 pandemic. The relaunch has the ultimate aim of recruiting over 1,000 new pilots during the course of the next five years.

The marketing campaign to promote the relaunch showcases existing easyJet pilots with a variety of backgrounds. The message is that the training programme – Generation easyJet – is open to anyone, with a variety of skills and competencies welcomed.

Stars of the campaign include Captain Iris de Kan and her five-year-old daughter Kiki. Captain de Kan demonstrates that parents have a wide range of multi-tasking skills that are valuable in the world of aviation.

Commenting on the campaign, Captain de Kan said that female role models were essential in dispelling gender stereotypes and that the adverts show that anyone with the right mindset can train to be a pilot. She added that she loved the challenges her job brought – but that they didn’t compare to those of being at home with young children.

Also breaking stereotypes is Senior First Officer Aaron Moseley who is shown in the campaign with a turntable – a nod to his former career as a DJ before he trained to become an easyJet pilot seven years ago.

He said that as a black man, he felt proud to be a role model for the next generation of pilots. Senior First Officer Moseley added that going into schools to talk to youngsters about his career and show them that they can develop their skills through passions like music was one of the positive aspects of his role.

Senior First Officer Nina Le is another of the campaign’s faces. A former gymnast, Senior Officer Le was photographed performing a split leap in front of an easyJet aeroplane for the campaign.

She described her new role as easyJet Senior First Officer as the perfect match for her practical skills and love of adventure. Senior First Officer Le went on to encourage anyone looking for a challenge to apply to the training programme.

Flight school CAE is the provider of the Generation easyJet pilot training courses.

Speaking about the programme, easyJet’s CEO Johan Lundgren, said that he was delighted with the relaunch and emphasised that easyJet had a long history of promoting greater diversity at work. The advertising campaign captured this spirit, he said, adding that increasing diversity was a long-term commitment for the company.

The total cost of the training programme is €92,739. You can check out the requirements for and know more about the Generation easyJet Pilot Training Programme on the CAE website.

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