Bartolini Air newly certified for APS-MCC, KSA 100 and Upset Prevention and Recovery Training

January 3, 2020 | No Comments Flight schools
Bartolini Air certified for KSA 100, APS/MCC and UPRT

Bartolini Air has become the first ATO in Poland to have its training scheme certified with KSA100, APS MCC, and most recently, Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT).

This puts Bartolini Air in a strong position to fulfil the industry’s and EASA’s most recent requirements in terms of pilot training.

The UPTR module designed by EASA will train student pilots to overcome the most challenging scenarios that they might meet in the air. The training will involve demanding tests on theory, and experience flying an aerobatic aircraft. This will enable Bartolini Air students to understand the real-life challenges of an aircraft upset, and how to react to them.

With APS-MCC (Airline Pilot Standard Multi-Crew Co-operation) student pilots will learn strategies for flying with a co-pilot, and will also follow the Airline Pilot Standards programme to learn the essentials of aircraft flying and how to react in all types of situations. This will prepare them fully for the world of work in the commercial aviation sector. Research has found that only 54% of cadets who undergo the standard MCC are able to pass the airline assessment. Having a background in APS-MCC training makes a candidate statistically more likely to land a job.

Barolini Air will also be offering the KSA (Knowledge, Skills & Attitude) 100 course. This ATPL module takes the form of advanced training, and assesses potential pilots for their aptitude for a successful career as a pilot. It also helps to fulfil EASA requirements, which will take student pilots’ training to the next level. Flight schools are required by EASA to implement the KSA 100 module into their syllabus until 2022. Some of the leaders in ATPL theory, such as Bristol Ground School, have already done so.

The Ryanair Mentored Programme that Bartolini Air offers in partnership with the Irish airline is already underway, and its first cohort of students will be trained according to the new conditions as set out above. This means that their training will be in line with the latest EASA standards, with the aim of preparing students as fully as possible for a successful career in aviation.

Bartolini Air is the first pilot training centre in Poland, and among the first in Europe, to be KSA 100 and APS-MCC certified. It plans to adapt these certified training techniques to other modular units of training in the future.

With reference to the landmark achievement, Adam Stawczyk, Bartolini Air’s Head of Training, expressed his delight at the certified programme being endorsed, and at the company’s ongoing ability to keep up with challenging new regulations and programmes authorised by EASA.

Adam Stawczyk added that Bartolini Air was now working towards being able to offer modular UPRT and APS-MCC programmes.

Bartolini Air’s CEO Izabela Konopińska praised the company’s staff for achieving approval of the programmes before deadline and regulations taking force. She added that she was very proud of all staff involved and their joint achievement of being the first ATO in Poland to offer these new certified programmes.

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