BAA Training Offers Job Guarantee for Its Cadets

July 26, 2022 | No Comments Cadet programmes, Flight schools
BAA Training - Airline job guarantee

One of the top three independent aviation training providers in Europe belonging to Avia Solutions Group, BAA Training, has recently increased its pilot training service portfolio lately. It has launched a series of cadet programs for any taste, including one of its best offers – the BAA Training cadet program – that offers a job guarantee. The latter is especially beneficial as there is a minimal number of such offers in the market.

BAA Training Cadet Program

Pilot training only represents one side of the medal, and finding a job is the other one which is no less challenging. Realizing this, BAA Training has introduced a full-package solution to not only prepare professional pilots from zero in 23 months but also place them at one of its European airline partners asap after they finish all training stages. These include ATPL Integrated, Type Rating and Base Training. Each student gets a personal career coach accountable for their employment after the training. The only prerequisite to receiving an actual pilot job offer at an airline is demonstrating exemplary academic achievements throughout the course.

Cadet Programs with Spanish Airlines

Even two Spanish airlines have lately expressed their will to become BAA Training’s partners for Cadet Programs. The principle is similar to that of the BAA Training cadet program – 23 months, same training stages, a personal career coach and no previous experience needed. However, as these are traditional cadet programs with two specific airlines, the suitable candidates get a letter of intent from the airline before they begin their training, which stands for a commitment to hiring them but not an absolute job guarantee. Both are A320 operators – for more details, contact BAA Training directly.

BAA Training - Spanish airline partners

Virtual Reality & Virtual classroom

Some of the most significant perks BAA Training provides for its students, regardless of the cadet program they enroll in, are Virtual Reality training capabilities and an opportunity to learn remotely via a virtual classroom.

Virtual reality training goggles developed by VRPilot are given to BAA Training cadets from day one until the end of their training. They maximize the students’ potential, helping them better prepare for simulator sessions, line checks and regular operations. Since the device is portable, they can learn from anywhere, anytime, increasing knowledge retention and improving pass rates.

Virtual classroom training is another innovative solution introduced to offer maximum convenience for students. It allows for instructor-led EASA training (theory part) in a virtual classroom setting that continues to offer the same high level of participation, engagement and relevance that BAA Training face-to-face courses are known for. The key benefit is an opportunity to stay in a habitual environment and eliminate traveling/accommodation expenses that would have occurred otherwise.

Why choose BAA Training

  • It has more than 15 years of experience in the field of aviation training.
  • BAA Training, based in Lithuania, is one of the few ATOs in Europe, providing both – Ab Initio and Type Rating training and actively expanding its global presence. It operates a flight base in Lleida-Alguaire, Spain, simulator training centres in Barcelona, Spain, Vilnius, Lithuania, and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. It also opens one near Paris Orly Airport in France in 2023.
  • The company operates ten own simulators – six Airbus A320, one Boeing 737MAX, one Boeing 737NG, one Boeing 737CL full flight simulators (FFS) and an A320 FTD Level 2. It also has access to over 69 partners’ FFSs in 19 locations globally.
  • Its highly competent ground school and flight school instructors from France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Netherlands, etc., win the hearts and minds of the students. Most of them hold a Master’s degree in their field or are even scientists in engineering or economics holding Ph.D.
  • BAA Training has years of experience in the aviation training field and is trusted by many European airlines.
  • Its students fly for Ryanair, LOT Polish Airlines, DAT, Wizz Air and more.

Feedback from BAA Training cadet

The best advocacy for a pilot training organization is feedback from its students. Keaton Rolls, a BAA Training cadet, has shared what it feels like for him to be a student at the academy: “My name is Keaton Rolls, and I am a SmartLynx cadet at BAA Training academy. I am currently in the VFR stage of flight training here in Lleida, Spain. The BAA Training team and especially instructors provide a great training experience. At the flight school, they help us apply what we learned during ground school in the cockpit. With the instructors who make us grow and expand our knowledge, tremendous synergy is produced, and that’s exactly what you need in a good and safe training environment.

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