BAA Training is increasing training capacity and plans to open simulator centre in Rome

June 11, 2019 | No Comments Flight schools, Pilot demand
BAA Training flight simulator in Rome

BAA Training has announced recently they plan to invest into the expansion of their full flight simulator fleet. The investment could count about 60 million Euros. This intention reacts to the global increase of air traffic. Predictions says European aviation will need 146,000 new commercial pilots by 2037.

The trend is supported by experience of BAA Training. Airlines are looking for more and more pilots and the current training capacity is full whereas there is a shortage of flight simulators where cadets could gain experience. BAA Training can cover a part of this gap. The company plans to enlarge its HQ training capabilities with 2 new full flight simulators in 2019. Namely, the centre will be equipped with Airbus A320ceo and Boeing 737NG.

There is also plan to open brand new simulator centre in Rome, Italy. With 2 airports, the city is busy hub with about 100 airlines operating to or from this destination. So simulators should be in convenient location for both airlines and pilots. The facility should be open by 2020.

BAA Training expansion to Asia

The South East Asian and Chinese fleet should get three times bigger to 12,970 aircraft until 2037. This act connects to the BAA Training expansion to Asia. In 2018, there was established new training centre in Vietnamese Ho Chi Ming city. The company will operate the first A320 full flight simulator at the beginning of the autumn and at the end of the year they could add Airbus A320neo as well.

What‘s more, BAA Training is about to sign an agreement that should be followed by the start of BAA Training China with the franchise licence training centre in Chinese Henan province. The centre should be equiped with 6 full flight simulators by the second quarter of 2020.

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