Awesome ATPL Formulas

Get 6 e-books for £18 only!

More than 35% of student pilots fail at least one calculation subject in their ATPL exams every year. That’s every third person in your class. Awesome ATPL formulas will help you to pass the exams and be in a better position to be hired by an airline.

The e-books cover formulas, equations and calculations for the following ATPL subjects:

  1. Mass and Balance
  2. Performance
  3. Flight Planning and Monitoring
  4. General Navigation
  5. Radio Navigation
  6. Principles of Flight

What’s inside?


A description of the formula to understand what is being calculated.


A formula in a friendly non-maths format that can be easily remembered.


An explanation with units to be used to get a correct result.


A sample question from the official EASA / UK CAA question bank.


A detailed step-by-step solution for the example given.


A cheat sheet with all formulas from the particular subject altogether.

Suitable for

  • ATPL students to achieve the highest grades in CAA exams.
  • PPL holders to study ahead and prepare for the ATPL studies. Once you start an ATPL course, there is a huge number of things to learn, so time is critical.
  • Theory / Ground instructors to use the books as a teaching guide.
  • Pilot job seekers to refresh ATPL knowledge before their assessment.


How are the e-books delivered?

The e-books are automatically delivered into your email immediately after you have made your purchase. If there is any problem with delivery, contact us and we will resolve it within a few hours. Our support works non-stop (weekdays, weekends, bank holidays).

In what format will I receive the e-books?

The e-books are in PDF format, so you can conveniently open them on any smartphone, tablet, notebook or computer. PDF format is supported by Windows, iOS, Android, Linux and many other operating systems.

Which ATPL syllabus is covered?

The e-books cover formulas and calculations of both old and new ATPL syllabus.


Renata Pavlikova @rennyintheclouds
"It's a great summary of all ATPL formulas, it would take me ages to build this by myself. All example questions with the perfect explanation for dummies."
Leith Aitken
“The best summary for 2020 ATPL syllabus calculations. Already passed most of my exams with ease. Thank you for this!”
Rodrigo Viera
"I was made redundant because of Covid-19. This is perfect refreshment before my next assessment coming soon!"

Get 6 e-books for £18 only!