Avion Express launched MPL training in cooperation with BAA Training

April 22, 2019 | No Comments Cadet programmes, Flight schools
Avion Express MPL programme

BAA Training aviation centre launched the MPL training programme in cooperation with Avion Express, the largest narrow-body ACMI operator worldwide. First future pilots are going to start their MPL training in August and should finish it in 18 months. As soon as they graduate, they will be well-prepared to become First Officers of a multi-engine multi-pilot aircraft based on VFR and IFR. These fresh graduates will be fully capable to gain MPL and meet requirements of airlines.

The competence-based training will consist of 80% of multi-pilot environment, inclusive of a full flight simulator and integrating airline procedures. This MPL training programme permits to prepare pilots of high proficiency with lower costs.

The agreement between BAA Training and Avion Express is the outcome of years of cooperation of these companies. Both of them emphasize professionalism among the team so Stasys Viltrakis, the Avion Express Vice president Flight Operation, marked the collaboration as a way how to take the MPL training to a higher level. The graduates will possess all abilities to take the control over a cockpit of Avion Express aircraft immediately. BAA Training CEO Egle Vaitkeviciute added that besides the deficiency of workers in the industry, aviation faces the need of the development of aviation professional competencies. That’s why BAA Training welcomes the opportunity to provide their own MPL training programme.

Avion Express belongs to the group of the largest narrow-body ACMI operators in the world. Their clients are based in Europe, South America and Asia-Pacific. It is supposed to operate 22 Airbus A320 planes in 2019.

BAA Training provides 6 cadet training programmes and currently, they have about 250 students. The fleet of BAA counts 18 aircraft, there is a flight base in Lleida Alguaire International airport which ensures yearlong training and the company acquired 2 additional full flight simulators (Boeing 737NG and Airbus A320) placed in HQ in Vilnius. Overall, there are 4 simulators.

To apply for Avio Express MPL programme, follow the steps at Baltic Aviation Academy website.

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