Aviomar Flight Academy and Intesa Sanpaolo bank agreement provides loans for pilot training

July 9, 2019 | No Comments Flight schools, Training finance
Intesa Sanpaolo pilot loans

A recent announcement highlights the valuable agreement reached between Aviomar Flight Academy and Intesa Sanpaolo. This will provide a facility for aspiring pilots to gain honour loans to allow them to attend the professional flight training courses.

What exactly is an honour loan?

Per Merito is an honour loan product from Intesa Sanpaolo and is subject to an assessment of merit of those students who apply. It is designed to allow individuals who aspire to the position of airline pilot to gain access to this product, allowing them to participate in the relevant courses. It is provided to deserving applicants without the need for them to provide personal or guardian guarantees. It offers a provision for up to half of the cost of course fees and charges reduced interest fees. The flexible payback scheme only kicks in a full two years after the course has been completed

Up to 50% of the cost of Integrated ATPL or APS MCC

The scheme will be available for the integrated ATPL and APS MCC courses conducted by Aviomar which commence in September 2019 with finance available, at the reduced rates mentioned earlier, for up to 50% of the relevant fees. The company has enthusiastically welcomed the opportunity this provides and noted that Intesa Sanpaolo, through its Impact Fund, only provide such opportunities to leading educational institutions. The company also recognised that course fees can provide a barrier, one which could prevent deserving students, even with the high level of commitment and potential required, from pursuing their chosen career.

More about Aviomar Flight Academy

Based in Rome, the academy offers a fleet of 18 aircraft, plus a trio of simulators, and is staffed by over forty instructors. Through a recent plan for further investment, a brand-new simulator training centre has been located to the north of the city. There, it accommodates three full-flight simulator bays plus a fixed base MPS Simulator. Since Aviomar was founded by Captain Riccardo Marano 37 years ago, more than 500 pilots have benefited from their ab-initio (‘from the beginning’) training; and it is the chosen training provider for a dozen European operators.

More about Intesa Sanpaolo

With a market capitalisation exceeding 32 billion Euros, this major Euro Zone banking group is recognised throughout Italy as a retail, corporate and wealth management leader. It’s easy to appreciate why, with its almost 12 million customers and around 4,100 branches right across the country. Internationally, its subsidiaries operate commercial banking for over seven million further customers in a dozen countries, from central-eastern Europe right through the Middle East and into North Africa. To this is added an international network of specialists who support corporate customers in more than two dozen countries in the last two areas mentioned above, as well as the US, Russia, China, India and Brazil – marketplaces where Italian companies are highly active.

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