What is an ATPL question bank?

An ATPL question bank is a set of questions used for ATPL exams. It consists of multiple-choice questions only, however some of them require calculation to figure out the correct answer.

There is an official CAA/EASA ATPL question bank (European Central Question Bank – ECQB), which contains approximately 10,000 questions divided into 15 subjects. This database is not released to the public.

However, some companies, such as Aviation Exam and Bristol Groundschool, collect feedback from ATPL students attending the exams and create their own question banks for training purposes. The outcome is very close to the official CAA ATPL question bank.

These companies usually provide questions with an explanation and release them commercially in the form of training software (mobile or online app).

A question bank should be only one source of information during your ATPL studies together with ATPL books, e-learning materials and classroom lessons.

There are similar question banks for PPL theory exams.