Austrian Airlines introduced new 2019 cadet programme: Aims to female pilots!

October 31, 2018 | No Comments Cadet programmes, Career opportunities
Austrian Airlines female pilot

Join the air crew of Austrian Airlines as a pilot and become one of 100 new hired cockpit members that the airline is looking for. In addition, Austrian would like to continue in the increasing tendency of the number of female pilots. So, ladies, make the while the sun shines!

More and more pilots needed

In 2018, the Lufthansa’s subsidiary employed 400 new crew members, especially pilots. These should be followed by 100 others during the upcoming year. New pilots are supposed to be completely qualified. If you aren’t trained, don’t give up on your dream. Austrian Airlines is about to offer courses for future pilots. Helmut Haubenwaller, Head of Crew Training at Austrian Airlines comments on it: “We are pleased that we can offer so many career entry opportunities to experienced pilots and those who still want to become pilots.”

Share of female pilots rises

Austrian Airlines proudly announced that the percentage of female pilots at the airline has increased by 2% since 2015. Currently, it counts 5%. The company is about to continue in this trend and the training so as the job offering targets women. Austrian claims the company welcomes this development but admits that the current situation reflects the insufficient representation of women in pilot positions.

Ab-initio courses for 24 trainee pilots

Each of nearing ab initio courses in 2019 will offer education for candidates across 24 positions without any previous flight experience. Applicants should be citizens of the EU, pass the secondary school leaving exam or own any other certificate which allows them to study at university in the origin country. Candidates are supposed to be at least 165 cm tall, own valid passport, have very good knowledge of both written and spoken German and English and maximum of +/- 3.0 diopter lenses. More information about the recruitment and the flight school you can find at and

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