Airbus is going to open its own flight school to train 200 cadets per year

March 5, 2019 | 2 comments Flight schools, Pilot demand
Airbus flight school

To satisfy the huge demand of cadet pilots in Europe, Airbus is going to run its own flight school and widen the training services portfolio.

The Airbus Flight Academy Europe, so as known as Cassidian Aviation Training Services (CATS) and based in Angoulême, should cooperate with instructors who are standardised to train the ab-initio Pilot Cadet Training Programme which is authorized by EASA. EASA approved it in the end of 2018 after adding the intermediate and advanced training phases.

The Airbus Flight Academy Europe should train about 200 cadets per year. They will work with modern single- and multi-engine aircraft, full digital cockpit technology and flight simulators. In the end of the programme, graduates are supposed to be skilled and well prepared to start their operationally-ready pilot career.

Applicants should be at least high school graduates over 18 years old and the nationality doesn’t matter. They will go through online and on-site screening tests. If they succeed, they will gain their place in the programme which consists of 750 hours of ground school and 200 hours of flight training. Cost is financed through partnership with banks with a delayed refunding plan.

Next on-site screening is planned from 26th to 28th of March 2019. To apply you have to pass an online screening, which takes about 20 minutes. The price for the screening is €40.

2 thoughts on “Airbus is going to open its own flight school to train 200 cadets per year

  • Hi my name is ian stanhope i am 38 years old i live in liverpool england i am curently entering my final stages of my easa ppl nav cross country stage i have passed all 9 ppl written exams i was just wondering if i would be suitable for this program and if i would qualify for the funding to gain my cpl and atpl or if i am to old thanks for your help in advance

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