AFTA and MTU join forces to launch Global Business and Pilot Studies bachelor’s degree programme

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AFTA and MTU join forces to launch Global Business and Pilot Studies bachelor's degree programme

AFTA (Atlantic Flight Training Academy) has joined forces once again with its educational partner MTU (Munster Technological University) to launch the Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Global Business and Pilot Studies. This ground-breaking new course offers would-be pilots the chance to take the first step on the career ladder.

No other comparable programme is available, and it allows pilot cadets to study for a degree and a frozen Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL) on a single, fast-track programme. Students can start their flight training after a year and are ready to enter the world of aviation within three years.

Speaking about the gap in the market for such a programme, AFTA CEO and Head of Training Captain Mark Casey said that it responded to the need for training for senior management roles in the aviation industry as pilots progressed along their career path.

He added that the course’s curriculum has been carefully designed to respond to feedback from pilots and leaders from the aviation sector.

Based in Cork, Ireland, AFTA has established a network of partners – airlines, aviation professionals and pilots – over the course of its 25-year history. This resource has fed into the creation of the programme.

Meanwhile, Dr. Pio Fenton, MTU’s Head of the Department of Marketing and International Business at its Cork campus, said that the organisation was delighted that MTU was paving the way in higher education by helping to shape the pilots of the future.

He added that with involvement from stakeholders from the aviation sector, students were set to study marketing, communications and global business before going on to AFTA to commence the intensive flight training programme. The full course takes 4 years (8 semesters) to complete.

Dr. Fenton expressed his belief that having a degree in addition to a pilot’s licence will put MTU students in a strong position as they start their careers, increasing career choices and providing a deeper knowledge of the aviation sector.

He paid tribute to the collaborative relationship between MTU and AFTA saying that it was long established and that AFTA’s track record as one of the top aviation academies in Europe meant they were an ideal match with MTU for this pioneering new educational programme.

The total cost of the course is €85,864, from which €79,000 goes to AFTA to cover the full price of pilot training. Find full details of the BSc course at and more about the flight training component at

You can apply for this pioneering programme at MTU website.

Video: Introduction to the new Global Business & Pilot Studies programme

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